story of a dusky girl

The story is about a girl who had many dreams in her eyes. But as we live in a society where a dusky girl have to work harder than fair girls to achieve things. Her name was Suhana and she had dusky complexion what she was afraid of all time. When she was in school where her friends and classmates made her feel she isn’t that beautiful even used call her “kallo,kali mata” they not only ignored her but also didn’t like to talk to her. She only had a few friends with whom she talked and who did not judge her because of her color. In those days she had a crush on a boy who was a class above her, but she did not tell this to anyone.

Because she knew if anyone comes to know about this everyone will make fun of her. Rather the guy she used to like would make fun of her if he also finds out that she like him.

Suhana was very good at drawing those days and then there was a drawing competition in which one child from each class had participated. And teacher sent Suhana to the drawing competition and she saw that her crush also participated in that competition. Suhana kept looking at that boy again and again while she did not even know the name of that boy. She was very happy that day she felt that God had sent both of them in the same competition, that means there was something between them. Not only Suhana but that boy also started noticing Suhana, then she started thinking that I wish that boy would come and start talk to her or she herself would go and talk to him.

After a long delay, Suhana herself went to him and said that your drawing is very nice, you will definitely win the first prize. Even though she didn’t like his drawing much. After giving false praise by Suhana to that boy, the boy said thanks to her then he saw Suhana’s drawing, seeing which the boy also said the same line that Suhana had said. Then she ask his name, he told his name was Pradeep and then he ask her name. Suhana talked to Pradeep In the limit that she should have. She knew that she was not that pretty that the one she liked would like her in the same way. The more she talked to Pradeep the more she realized that he was a nice guy and that her duskiness didn’t matter much to him.

After the competition Suhana went home happily and started searching for Pradeep on Facebook. And after a lot of efforts, she found Pradeep’s ID where she was completely lost in his profile and started saving his photos and keeping them in hidden gallery. After that day Suhana started feeling that she would talk to Pradeep again for some reason or the other. But this did not happen, she used to see him only in the school hours.

Then one day in the evening Suhana went for shopping with her mother and sister in the market where she saw Pradeep. After that she just started looking for him, she started going to the market every week. She felt that Pradeep might also be at the market and that is why she started going to the market regularly thinking that she will see Pradeep again.

Then it happened that days went by and in no time, it has been 2 years. As Suhana used to study in a co-education school where boys used to study in morning shift only till 10th then after 10th they used to shifted in evening batch. In those 2 years Suhana could not meet Pradeep nor talk to him again. And then Pradeep went to the evening shift forever. Then slowly the memories of Pradeep faded from her mind and after that Suahna could not focus on studies. Because of which a girl who always secured first rank now started passing on margin. After 12th she joined a course whose fee was around 60k. Suhana didn’t like that her parents should pay her tuition or course fee that’s why she wanted to earn money by doing some job as soon as possible.

After the completion of the course she got an internship where she was being paid 3k. it was her first salary even though it was less but she wanted to give the money to her mum and dad. Then for some reason she was removed from the internship saying that we will not able to serve you further. She tried hard to find job again but she could not.

Despite her good work she was fired and her friend who had completed the course with her was asked to join back. Suhana and her friend used to work together and Suhana used to help friend wherever she had problems. Suhana’s friend was fair and good looking due to which her friend got more priority no matter how well Suhana did. She started getting angry on her color and she used to cry whole night thinking that why only fair people get success. She did not tell her pain to anyone, that’s why she started getting irritated and did not talk properly to anyone in the house, which she later regrets.

Classmates in school make fun of her color, some boys she likes but no one likes her because of her color. After that her dusky skin tone started coming in her career due to which she started going into depression. She started keeping quite, did not talk to anayone, used to lie alone in the room all day. Her parents started getting worried about her, but she did not even talk to them. Then her parents pressuring her for marriage. As Suhana had 5 sisters including her and one younger brother. Suhana was the 4th child of her parents. Where all her sisters were married and now Sushana’s turn to get married. But she didn’t want to get married yet and wanted to do something else in her career.

Either way she just didn’t want to get married so she fought with her family and said that you marry my younger sister before me , I will do it after. Her parents did the same, they asked her younger sister to marry her and she said yes.

Apart from all these things, Now Suhana only wanted a good job from God. And after a few months of hard work she finally got a job where she worked for 1 year. And in this one year her parents were engaged in finding a boy for her younger sister. And these days Suhana liked a boy who live near her house. Whom she only looked at because she knew that even that boy would not like her because of her dark complexion. Now she had a job where she was doing well and was satisfied. Then she bought a second hand android phone with her little savings.

Now she neither had  the burden of marriage nor the burden of job. One day she was returning from office then she got a call from unknown number. She picks up the call and the voice comes from the phone that “Hello this is Ajay calling, you just stares or talk too” she didn’t recognize who was speaking to her. Then he said I had messaged you on FB why didn’t you see?  Then suhana recognized him and disconnect the call at the same time. Suhana recognized the voice, it was the guy who lived next door that she used to see. And then the second chapter of Suhana’s life had began.

To Be Continued…

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