Happy New Year 2023

I hope this year will be extraordinary, Happy New Year 2023 all my readers, have an adventurous and peacefulness year for all of you guys. If we are talking about adventure, thrill and joy then there are many places where you can enjoy your new year. And Rishikesh is one of those places which is not even affordable but most adventurous and full of thrill. Celebrate Rishikesh Camping 2023 experience the most majestic natures dark & cold nights. Let’s get into the details how travelers can experience the nature’s majesty in Rishikesh.

Find Nature’s Majesty in Rishikesh Camping

Well, if I talk about my experience in Rishikesh, I’ve visited the place 2 times and still I’m not over with beauty of Rishikesh. I’ve found the peace sitting by the warm fire beside my partner and spotting the shooting stars under the cold & dark sky. The moment was just amazing for me I could kept that moment for the whole life if I could. Uttarakhand is the only place that can make 2023 most exciting and adventurous for people like me. The area of camps is neat surroundings, extensive views and beautiful valleys of Rishikesh will make you feel exotics.

Why to choose Rishikesh for camping?

As is known Rishikesh is famous for camping & rafting and also has plenty of adventurous places like bungee jumping, river rafting, cliff jumping, body surfing, bon fire one of my favorites’ activity, badminton, in house-volleyball and more exciting activities to do. So, for me this the ideal place for travelers and if is your first trip then I must suggest you to visit Rishikesh.

January is perfect month for Rishikesh camping?

Well, the best month for camping in Rishikesh is the end of September to Mid-November but as I see it January is also a perfect month for camping. Even I visited Rishikesh for Camping last year in January and from my standpoint I found the most panoramic view and enjoyed the camping as well. And let me also tell you how many day I’ve spend there, my trip was for 2 nights and 3 days and  I think it is the ideal duration for a camping trip.

What is costing of Rishikesh Camping?

It is started from 1000 per head and can go high according to facilities.

And the ideal cost for camping is

1)Rs. 4400/- per head on double sharing

2) Rs. 4000/- per head on triple sharing

2) Rs. 3400/- per head on squad sharing

How Many Camping Sites in Rishikesh?

There are many Camping sites in Rishikesh you can find but I would suggest you the 5 wonderful camping sites in Rishikesh.

  1. Jungle campsite Rishikesh
  2. Cradle of Life
  3. Luxury Camping in Rishikesh
  4. Camp Ganga Vatika
  5. Riverside Beach Camps in Rishikesh

All these five are amazing places for people who want to experience the natures majesty. If you choose Jungle Campsite Rishikesh, so this is one of the places that is crowd less and comes with modern amenities like washroom, air cooler, swimming pool and more facilities. You can find a quality and modern way of camping.

Cradle of Life is the great place for camping like people can find more offers in everything like veg, non-veg food, activities like volleyball and rappelling. And most important thing that you will experience the relaxing surreal beauty of the nature.

Luxury Camping in Rishikesh is a most neaty and clean site for camping. Here you will find polite staff, well maintained surroundings and more. This campsite includes more facilities like swimming pool, volleyball court, playground and more provisions. And it is open all month of the year.

Camp Ganga Vatika, here one of the best campsites in Rishikesh who is dedicated to serve you the nest camping memory and delightful camping experience. It is also popular for situating near the bank of Ganga River. The view is amazing beautiful Himalaya Valleys that will mesmerize you.

Riverside Beach camps in Rishikesh is a place where you will get the chance to explore the unblemished beauty of nature this is also situated near bank of River Ganga that has the prettiest aura of nature. and find out more affordable places to visit and activities to do.

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