As we know most of the countries is removing the Covid-19 restrictions at a snail’s pace if it is India, Russia, or America. But there is one country has left who is going opposite, where all these started “China” is still suffering with Covid-19 2022. And now the situation of China getting worse day by day. The news is reported that in many cities of China has applied the world’s most suffocated lockdown in their country. We have found from the sources that people who has found corona positive the government has set up electronic alarms outside their homes. And the alarm will go on if they step outside their homes. Children are going to school with full PPE kits and more cases have been seen.

What is China’s strategy?

China has always believed in Zero Covid Policy, they government of China believes that covid is a danger to the public health and that need to eliminate in any way we can. Whether it spread through people or animals, food or even mail. That is the reason Chi

nese government has taken unpredictable measure to limit covid cases to 0.

Situation is going worse in China 2022

Many cases have been reported where the pets of Covid positive people are being euthanized. And people are shouting from their balconies popping every day. It is clearly seen from the videos that people are absolutely fed up with the lockdown and want to be able to leave their homes.

The news channel has reported in China “the worst wave for the coronavirus pandemic in 2 years, China is dealing with a large number of Omicron cases, and the situation keeps getting worse.”

Covid-19 Variants

The story of China is completely different if we compare it with India, we had to live through three waves in India. The very first variant we had faced in 2020 called Covid-19 strain, second variant found in May 2021 which was the deadliest wave by far. And the third wave we had faced recently in January 2022 called Omicron variant. Omicron wave was more or less, it was a harmless wave with low death rate. Many of countries has seen similar 3-4 waves with various variant being responsible for them. And the very latest wave was the Omicron wave in most of the countries. But when we talk about China the original strain of Covid-19 evolved then China imposed a strong lockdown in the country.

Then there was no other variant wave has seen after first in the 2 years, we have found the similar stories in the countries like Australia, New Zealand as well who were quickly cut off from the rest of the world.

Let us get to know more about Omicron Variant

The Omicron variant spread so rapidly that its next to impossible to contain its spread. When the countries like Australia, New Zealand as soon as they started opening a little the number of cases increased exponentially. Even the Omicron variant caused a wave in those countries too, and similarly it happened with China too.

The very first Omicron case was found on mainland China 9th December 2021. By the march-April there were about 25,000 Omicron confirmed cases found in China. It was the new record for China since the beginning of the pandemic, it is the second wave of China. According to the reports theres a sub variant of omicron, BA.2, responsible for this wave in China. And this variant is also known as the Steath Omicron because it is difficult to be detected. It is also found 1.5 times more transmissible than Omicron

China Covid-19

BA.2 become a variant of concern

According to the World Health Organization BA.2 has become a variant of concern. But the evidence gathered till now suggested that this variant is not deadlier than Omicron. But there is 86% sequenced cases detected worldwide of this variant.

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