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Social media optimization is easy? Well, the answer is yes but first you need to know everything about what is SMO and how does it work? As I’m not the SMO expert but I can help you to improve it as I’ve done mine as well. So welcome to my blog lets get into the details.

What’s trending?

As we know the most used social media is Facebook which is own by meta. Now you can monetize your page by uploading reels in India. you can check your monetization eligibility status on Facebook, Instagram as well. I would suggest you if you’re are a creator on fb, Instagram or YouTube then you can now get monetization eligibility by short videos. But when you follow their criteria policies etc. just try to upload quality content that help people or useable for your audience.

What is SMO (Social Media Marketing)?

I want you guys to understand the thing in an easy and simple way. so, SMO refers to analysing and figuring out the most popular or you can say the most trending on your social media. Basically, the main focus of doing SMO is to volumize the interactions, brand visibility and the brand awareness to get the more leads. you’ll analyse the what your audience is searching for and then you share the best fits for them. So that they can interact with you engage with you.

5 simple techniques How you can optimize your social media

How well do know about your goal? My question is as simple as you know about your business. First thing you should set up goal what you want from your social account by optimizing it. Then you can start with the nest step. Your focus should not just get more likes and comments on your post. Your goal should be boosting your sales by improving audience reaches.

  • More leads
  • More engagements with your audience
  • More audience reaches

1.Set up your social media goals

As I’ve mentioned above you must be clear about your goal. What your business is all about and what services or product you are offering to your followers. Its like the category you are selecting like food, clothing, beauty products etc. you must be clear about it so the audience who is searching for the same services that you are providing can get engage with you.

2. uploading high quality content

Remember one thing the unknown audience only can connect you by seeing the photos and video you have shared. So, the images and videos you are going to share must contains high quality resolutions. It will the first impression to your audience. After then they will search more in your profile or can connect you. Social media is all about videos and photos, only these can make people connect with you.

3. use trending hashtags

You need to do little bit of research like search the trending hashtags. But what is hashtags?

Hangtags is a group of similar conversation that helps people to find out the thing that matters to them. It is actually a metatag that introduce by # on social media. Example #sunset: when you search for this keyword with hashtag then the people who has used the same tags will be on your search feed. So that can you find out the images and videos related sunset.

4. contact information on your social media profile

It is important to share your business contact details on your display profile. When you share your business details the it will be easier to your audience to get in touch with you easily. Don’t be afraid to share the details with your follower. Instead of sharing your personal details try to create a separate email or contact number for your business.

5. questions in your stories

When you ask anything related to your business in your story then people who’s watching your stories will reply of the question if they know they answers. Keep updated with your stories and try to put question in your stories and use mentions as well. When I puts any story, my followers can connect with me even they reply and likes my story because I put exactly about my matter and what’s trending.

Was it helpful?

If you find out something useful from my blog or want to know some more about Social Media Optimization then you can email me or can comment below. Il’ be fats to your replies and to help you increasing your social media performance. I want my readers to get the reaches to boost their sales.

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