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Hey welcome to my blog, I’m going to share my personal experience how we reach from New Delhi to Jaipur by flight? Well, if you are looking the affordable ways to reach Jaipur from Delhi, then here is my adventure just take a look.

When it’s come to how many times, I’ve visited Jaipur? I’ll tell you its 4-time I’ve visited the place and still if got the chance to visit I’ll definitely go there. The reason why I always like the place even I’ve visited so many times? You will know everything in this blog.

Jal Mahal in Jaipur

Ways to reach Jaipur from new Delhi

There are many ways you can find out to reach the city of love (Jaipur) also called pink city. When the very first time I was about to have my first trip of course with my friends then the place wasn’t the Jaipur it was Agra. But as the blog is about Delhi to Jaipur so my 2nd trip was of Jaipur but not with my friends this time.

First let’s talk about the ways to Jaipur from Delhi

Delhi to Jaipur ways with distance

There are 4 ways and the distance from Delhi to Jaipur

  • By bus – (279 kms & 6 hrs approximate)
  • By train – (292 kms & 5 hrs approximate)
  • By flight and – (235 kms 1 hour approximately)
  • By your own vehicle – (270.4 km & 5 hrs. approx. by google map)

As you have seen above now you must think about the which way would be safer and low-cost fare. From my experience I visit Jaipur by car, flight and bus as well. And I found the train fare is cheaper than the other options, like you can find the train fare from Delhi to Jaipur like starting 190 to 250 maximum of SL class (sleeper class) it depends on the express and which class you want to go in. then the second affordable way to Jaipur is bus, I would suggest you to choose the bus from Delhi to Jaipur because I found its little comfortable than train but little costly. The cost of bus I guess 500rs to 800rs if you are choosing Volvo. Otherwise, bus fares are also low cost, If its local.

Delhi to Jaipur by bus – is it affordable & safe?

Well, when it comes to safety, I can’t define which one is safer because your safety if on your hand. Things can happen anywhere, anything nowadays. But I can definitely suggest you the cheaper way to Jaipur.

Yes, it is affordable going Jaipur by bus and also in less time.

Let me tell you the bus tickets from Delhi to Jaipur starts from 300rs and can go as high 1500. There also bus types that can affects the ticket fares. You can find the busses with ac, seater sleeper, private cabin and sleeper luxury as travel option you choose. So don’t forget to ask about the type and the picture of the bus according to fare.

I’ve remembered we didn’t ask the same question before paying the ticket fare to the agent and guess what we found on the checkout day, it was literally the local type bus like I could not even sit for a second in the bus as we paid 800 Rs. I hope you won’t repeat our mistake.

Delhi to Jaipur
ways to reach Jaipur

Thing to do and not to do before planning to Jaipur from Delhi

Don’t be nervous by reading the headline, I just want you guys to chill and have fun on your trip whatever the place is. If you find your way to Jaipur if it is a bus, car train of flight. Just comment below if you want to know something that I dint mentioned above. And stay tuned with for my next blog that I might post about the places to visit in Jaipur.


just be relaxed and explore the world

try not to ask money from our parent, spend your own money

try to call time to time to your homiest while you are on your trip

try to ask or tell your parents before going on trip with whom and when, just be honest every time with your parents.


Don’t spend more on fare before enquiry or consulting with people

Don’t be shy about saving money instead of spending on worthless thing

Don’t trust easily on anyone especially when you are in another city or in your own city as well.

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