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There is a minor border clash between India & China, while preventing Chinese soldier to entering in Indian territory. As per latest India China news update, last week on Friday the incident occurred in Northern Easter Himalayan state of Arunachala Pradesh. However, there is not demarcation properly done between both the countries due to some issues on many areas.

In the war of 1962 with India and China, China had seized the whole area of India northern east sector which is under control of China.

What happened on 9 Dec in Tawang sector?

On 9th of December Friday there was a fight between China PLA soldiers and Indian troops in tawang sector of Arunachal Pradesh. From the sources the Indian troops gave a befitting reply to Chinese soldier. And sources said the number of injured soldiers of China is greater than Indian soldiers.

After the face-to-face fight both the sides get step back instantly. Sources saying that there were almost 300 China PLA soldiers who was came with full preparation to fight however they weren’t aware that Indian troops are already prepared to face them.

What a routine patrol of Chinese border said?

Indian army “illegally crossed the line to block” the line said by a routine patrol of Chinese border on Tuesday who was a spokesperson from western theatre command of China. And also “We urge the Indian side to strictly control and restrain the front-line troops, and work with China to maintain peace and security on the border,” by the same spokesperson.

What the defence source said?

The sources said there was a one-on-one hand to hand fight because they could not use weapons in that case. The fight was gotten on to the peak and some of soldiers fell on the rocky surface and got injured. And other some sources said that half on Indian soldiers were got minor injuries in the fight.

The defense source said un-demarcated border the line of actual control also knows (LAC), that refers to the soldiers of both the sides has to cross over into each other’s territory from time to time. Then such things are raised in a flag meeting so that they couldn’t escalate.

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